April 2024

Sometimes I find it hard to remember what I did in the last month. Keeping track of my plans and accomplishments on my calendar and in my journal helps me when I feel like I haven't done anything recently. It's similar to a "done" list, where you record what you've accomplished to keep yourself motivated. Anyway, here are some of the things I was up to last month:

So it turns out I've been keeping busy, and that doesn't even include most of my social engagements, church, or extended family plans. It's easy to feel like life is really busy, but forget what I've actually been up to. Reflecting helps me slow down and give thanks to God for his goodness.

Take some time to write out what you've been up to this past month. It's a cathartic process. If you post your reflections on your own site, I'd love to read it. Or if you want to shoot me an email with what you've been up to, that would be awesome too.

Until next time!

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