I'll read it

I enjoy learning about people through their personal websites. It's a piece of them put on the web for others to find and connect through. But many people don't have their own space on the web outside of social media. Nowhere to call "home" online.

Maybe this is your situation right now. Maybe you've thought about setting up a website, but you don't know what to write about or you simply don't know where to start. If that describes you, I want to encourage you to write about whatever you want. Then send it to me, and I'll be your first reader.

It doesn't have to be polished or meet a word count minimum. I have been trying to unlearn the stiff, academic writing style for years. The important thing is to put thoughts out there, both for yourself and others.

Most people won't care about what you have to say, and that's ok. That doesn't stop people from posting on twitter or facebook or instagram. But you'll likely have deeper, more meaningful connections with people through an article on your site than a post on social media. I'd rather receive a thoughtful email than generic likes and comments anyway. You might too.

If you want help getting started, I'm only an email away.

Thanks for reading! Shoot me an email with your thoughts or just to say hello.

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