My target audience and my one thing

I've spent a lot of time thinking about who my target audience is. Originally I thought I should write content specifically for developers.

Then I thought I should perhaps write about woodworking or other projects I work on.

Now it's whatever I feel like writing about. The truth is that I'm writing for anyone interested in me as a person and for myself.

The purpose of writing

I want to use writing to process my thoughts. That is my purpose for writing at this point.

As a result, I will gain clarity. A byproduct of writing is that I will get better at it too.

As I improve, I might find new opportunities to employ my writing ability.

However, I have other goals apart from writing.

What else I'm working toward

As a technologically inclined person, I enjoy learning to use new tools. I also know that those tools can be very powerful if used correctly.

I've mentioned that I want to develop a web application. There are several reasons I want to do this:

The problem I run into is working on things that don't get me closer to my goal.

I get hung up working on tasks that seem to be making progress, but they're really distracting me from the real work I need to be doing.

My solution

I recently read about a method called "The One Thing." Rather than using a to-do list that focuses on many small tasks, this method involves choosing one big task to achieve for each day.

An extension of this is the 1-3-5 rule. It begins with the one big task, followed by three medium and five small tasks for the day.

The point is that our time and focus are limited. Finding the priority for the day gives a clear goal.

I'll be attempting to focus on one piece at a time to make consistent progress toward my goal. You should too.

Thanks for reading! Shoot me an email with your thoughts or just to say hello.

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