Supply for existing demand

Well This is getting tough to come up with a topic. I'm only on my 5th day 😅

This has been a good experience overall though. Even if I can't come up with a related topic, it's great to get words out of my head. It's too soon to tell, but I think my writing will improve over time.

Eventually I'd like to write something worthy of selling.

There are plenty of topics I could tackle. I psych myself out! What if I offer information that isn't as valuable as I think it is? I guess I need to write something to find out if it's valuable though...

Outlining and compiling something long enough to sell is where I get stuck. My ability to elaborate in a meaningful way has yet to mature. Yet there are young folks with much less experience than I who are making money on their written works.

Gumroad makes selling things easy, perhaps I could write something and throw it up there. Marketing is a good idea, build up the hype for the product before it's released. The tricky part is hitting that pain point. People need to feel an emotional response to the content you're providing.

Creating that emotional response is an art. I might be able to learn to do that from Ezekiel or CJ? I don't think I'm bad at it when I put in the effort, but it doesn't come naturally to me yet. I will learn though, and maybe failing a time or two wouldn't be the worst thing 😉

Exploring ideas to write about is where I get stuck. I don't want to put a bunch of time into something that no one will find worth a penny.

I should start by finding topics that other people sell ebooks for at >$49.

What length is the book? What kind of content is in it? Who is the target audience?

Sell things to people willing to pay for a solution.

The only way to find a pain point is to talk with potential customers. Look for people already paying for a solution, then make a better/different solution.

I have no problem thinking of ideas to try and things to build. If I can hone in how I search for problems to solve, I could actually make some money! Marketing will need to be at the forefront.

How will I market to my target audience?

There needs to be a way to tell the potential customers about the solution I offer to their problem. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to make money.

A very pointed product is ideas. Elijas wrote all about DMs and is selling his ebook. That's a very specific topic, but it's something people are willing to pay for.

Sell a walk-through of the process that works. Sell a time saver or a money maker.

Creating value is difficult. Using my skills, I need to provide something that the other party considers worth the trade of dollars for my knowledge/product.

Ask what people are struggling with without explicitly asking. Dig into what they're doing to solve the problem right now. If they're not doing anything right now, they probably aren't going to start with your product.

Sliding into an existing market and building a tool is a great way to go. There's already a user base and there are likely ways you could integrate with it to make a better experience.

Don't try to create demand, supply for existing demand. Creating demand is extremely difficult. Let large companies experiment, follow the demand and create an offering that's valuable and different enough to attract customers.

How do I find what people are searching for answers to?

I'm sure there are other ways, but finding where money is already flowing can be a great indicator.

This morning is a bit more of a ramble. Gotta keep moving though.

If I keep typing, maybe something will come to my mind. Purge the ideas so I can get to the good stuff. I've heard once you start running out of ideas, you get to the really good stuff. I hope that's true, I'm coming up short here.

As a parent, it's difficult to make time for things like writing and bootstrapping. Getting up early this week has been a great indication that it's possible to make progress while working full time and raising 2 kids.

I didn't want to get out of bed at 5:30 today, but the habit is already forming. If I start going to be earlier, I'll be feeling great when I get up early! But I feel pretty good right now.

What has gone well? I chose topics to write about 4/5 days. Those days were easier to get started, but staying on topic slowed down my writing. I also felt more pressure to break down my writing instead of writing in a stream of consciousness like I'm doing today.

Getting up with my alarm hasn't been a problem. I've been developing habits like that for a while. The If-Then method works great and knowing that I won't have time for writing later in the day gets me up!

I've realized my time in the evening is much less focused. Watching TV and trying to work is a disaster for productivity. I don't understand how some people get work done with the TV on.

Thankfully I enjoy the mornings, it wasn't hard to convince myself to wake up 30-45 minutes earlier to pursue a goal that is important to me.

Hannah doesn't seem to understand why I would get up early to write, but I hope one day it makes a difference in our lives that is tangible. If nothing else, it will help me get ideas out of my head and actually engage with others. The whole point of writing is to share it with other people, right?

Wow, I'm on a roll now! What does writing do for me? I think I'm still figuring that out. Clearly it is not impossible to write more than 1000 words in a sitting though. It may not be polished, but I cranked out the words!

Getting in the habit of writing this much is going to be amazing. Once I have a product I want to write about, I will be able to knock it out (hopefully) quickly.

My fear is always that I won't have as much to say as I need to. However, I've heard the problem is usually you have so much to say that you need to trim it up. I hope I have that problem someday! For now, I'll keep learning how to write in a meaningful way.

It feels good to write with an informal tone. Unlearning the academic, robotic tone from years of school has proven tough for me. I think I'm getting there though, twitter is helping!

I can't bring myself to write with poor grammar or punctuation though... I'm too much of a goodie-goodie 😛

Alright, time to write something to tweet out to my lovely followers today. I know I'm going to take a writing break on Sunday, but I haven't decided about Saturdays yet.