Don't share everything

There is a big push to build in public right now on twitter. The idea is to share all the ups and downs of your project through total transparency.

The important part is to realize that not everything you do needs to be shared with others. Give yourself permission to keep pieces of your journey private.

Building in public is meant to be centered on one project. That means anything else you do that's not part of that project doesn't have to be shared if you don't want to. That could be a tremendously freeing idea for you!

The same goes for writing or any other part of your life. Don't feel pressured to share every single detail. Share the highs and lows, but only if there's something your following can learn from your mistakes and successes.

I like to think of life in scopes: work, home, project, life, marriage, etc. Some scopes overlap, while others are unrelated. I don't share everything, I choose a scope to share about.

Next time you're struggling with what to share with others, think in scopes and about what your experience can help them with.