Release your ideas and become a writer

I'm working on putting these morning writings online for others to read. That's a scary thought for me! These writings are unorganized and raw. And I'm not sure if anyone will find them worth their time to read 😛

There's a different feeling when writing will be made public. You have to confront the reality of your ideas being judged by other people. It's a vulnerable thing to do. It seems like a good way to think in public though.

#buildinpublic is a big thing right now on twitter. I first stumbled upon the idea with indie SaaS founders. They were building their product in public by sharing the journey. That led to finding other types of building in public, like writing books.

@meetkevon is one of the most prolific build in public people right now. He's building a business in public about helping others build in public 😲 Crazy!

I struggle to know what to post on twitter sometimes about my journey. Maybe that's part of my journey? There's no shame in admitting you don't know what you're doing. But if I want other people to read about it, I need to frame it in a way that shares what I learned from not knowing how to do the thing.

Ultimately, I can feel a different pressure while writing this morning. Knowing these words will be accessible to anyone changes how I write just a little. But I've been writing in the morning for about 2 weeks now without putting it online so I have some practice.

And I do want some interaction on my ideas. I certainly find other people's thoughts interesting. Maybe I'll have something to say that's worth exploring deeper. Maybe not. But I won't find out unless I release my thoughts into the wild.

Some will thrive, some will struggle. It's like 'survival of the fittest' for ideas. Only truly engaging, interesting ideas will make it. Granted, anyone reading my thoughts will have to wade through the unedited nature of these musings.

I'm considering this an experiment. If I don't see much value being added to people who read them, I'll stop posting them online and continue refining my ideas in private while posting edited versions on twitter and to my blog someday.

When I first started with writing in the mornings, I had the goal of 1000 words in mind. However, the true goal is just to write every day. Even if it's only 100 words. Maintaining the habit is what I care about.

If I can continue to strengthen this muscle, it's certainly not going to hurt my family's future. Online writing is a valuable skill. Honing it will be difficult, but that's not any reason to give up.

I read recently that writing is hard, like lifting weights is hard. But no one thinks you should give up because the weight is heavy. It means you have to strengthen your body to be able to lift it. Start with a lighter weight and do the reps.

Writing every weekday is putting in the reps for my mind. It's easier to get into a state of flow already after doing this for 2 weeks. That makes me excited for what's possible after months or years of writing!

Maybe dreaming of writing a book won't have to be a dream for much longer now that I'm building this habit! Sharing my ideas is only easier with practice. And getting feedback from others on those ideas will improve what I write about and how I think about things.

There's no doubt in my mind that writing will open opportunities for me online. It's the primary way information is shared. I want to take advantage of that fact and share what I know. Learning to share in a valuable way in public will be an interesting process and hopefully accelerate my learning.

While I never considered myself a writer, I realized that all you have to do to be a writer is write consistently. The reason I didn't consider myself a writer is because I never sat down to write. Now that I'm writing, I feel like a writer.

I write software all day, so that makes me a developer. You are what you do. But you have a limited amount of time every day so you can't be everything.

Choosing what to do with my time is one of the most difficult decisions I face. I could write, build software, spend time with my wife and kids, sleep, etc. Choosing to get up early to write is a choice. I don't find time, I make time to write. It's important to me that I make this a consistent part of my life.

Like I said earlier, I'm just beginning to understand how this habit could impact my future. I'm also still learning how to write well so my ideas can spread. Maybe I'll learn something about myself on this journey. I bet you could too.

That's all for today 👋🏼